Me and everyone around me.
Goodbye Dial-Up!
Super cheap hosting
I’m back with a new domain!

Me and everyone around me.

I think, most of the people I know in real life, if not everyone, see me as the different, delicate person or the one that you can’t fool, kid or joke around. I think some people see me as a serious person. In fact, I think someone did commented that I’m way too serious. I don’t know but I’m not really like that. I’m actually loud, cheerful, and just err, loud. But I know one thing is for sure and the only reason that they think of me as such – I have put a barrier between me and other people or in other words, I separate myself to the rest of the world.

Yes, I think I’m anti-social and I’m really having problems with it. My boyfriend told me that I tend to separate myself because I’m the one who thinks that I’m different from others. Well, I think it’s kind of true. I think I’m afraid of being rejected and being made fun of. Because of this, I’m always alone.

I really want to change! I want to belong to a group of friends. I want to talk to people, laugh and share things with them! But I don’t know what to do and how to start.

Goodbye Dial-Up!

I’ve been on dial-up for about more or less than two years. I’m not really that much of an internet geek so I’m a bit contented. Maybe because I feel that my ISP is faster than others (download rate I think is 4.75 kbps) though I can’t and I won’t recommend it because, generally, it sucks.

Those were the dial-up days.
Since we can’t afford to have a postpaid telephone line, we have no choice but to apply for a prepaid landline – before it was Telesulit but we were advised to convert to Telepwede which uses the so called PLDT “all around card” Pwede card. At first, it was convenient because we can load it for as low as 30 pesos and since it’s an all around PLDT card, it can also be use as PLDT Vibe card.

It was okay before but since I need to be online most of the time because of my freelance work and because Telepwede keeps on disconnecting every 30 minutes recently, I decided to apply for a postpaid internet connection.

Hello Broadband Internet!
My first choice was Globelines Internet because they have a promo of 1.5 mbps for 995 PHP/month but our house (location) is out of their coverage area. (We were just a few meters away from the boundary) T.T Second choice was PLDT DSL, but it’s a bit expensive so I landed applying for Smart Bro, which, I heard, is not a good choice.We applied for the Bilis Kabit promo so we can get a Smart Bro connection after 1-2 days but the installation guys arrived at our house after 3 days! Tsk. Tsk.

So far, I don’t have any complains with the connection. It’s just that since I got used to dial-up that now I don’t know what to do with unlimited internet. lol

Super cheap hosting

I bought this domain with a reseller hosting account so I decided to sell some cheap hosting for you guys!
Domains are not included in this packages.. if you want to have one you must register it to somewhere else.
*only annual payments accepted

Moon Power Hosting

50 PHP/month (600 PHP/year) or $1.15 USD/month ($13.80 USD/year)
500 MB Space
7GB Bandwidth
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited MySQL databases
Unlimited email accounts
with Cpanel

Sun Power Hosting

100 PHP/month (1,200PHP/year) or $2.30 USD/month ($27.60 USD/year)
1 GB Space
15 GB Bandwidth
Unlimited Subdomains
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited MySQL databases
Unlimited email accounts
with Cpanel

Methods of Payment
Western Union

If you are interested, email the following using the contact form:

Full Name
Contact Number
Your Domain (must be already existing)
Chosen method of payment

I will email you back with payment details within 24 hours.

PS. Please do comment in the previous post. (:

I’m back with a new domain!

I’m back and I hope it’s for good. I know it has been like more or less two months since my last blog post. Whew! I really missed blogging! I feel like half-empty without it.

A lot of things had happened for the past two months. So many that I get dizzy everytime I try to remember. o_O I’ve been really busy with a lot of things, especially now that I’m trying my very best to maintain my source of income – that is, selling wordpress themes online. A lot of people might think that I have lower chances of earning money through selling web designs as a freelancer but actually if you know the right style and the right place or site to sell, you could actually earn lots of cash. I, myself earned $300 in just three weeks! I think I can even earn a lot more if I have pushed myself a little more.

What I have learned from this is that you should stick to what you have or what you know and make the best out of it. My friend told me that since I have this not-so-good physical condition and this limits me to do things that people can usually do, God has given me this talent (though I know that other people can also do this kind of thing, even better than me) and for that, I am really grateful to him.

I think I’ll end this now. I Hope to have new link exchanges and I love you all for keeping up with me.

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